Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day 23 - Last night at Trouthaven

A tired John and Albert spend their last night in Trouthaven. More than three weeks into the race, they can't wait to finish off tomorrow. Cellphone reception is still an issue, but Retief Joubert, a fellow Freedom Challenger was kind enough to lend them his phone for a quick update. They are doing well, spirits are high and the remaining distance is much easier to comprehend than the last 2300km.

According to the rider progress table, it looks like 14 riders have already completed the race thus far, placing John and Albert around the middle of the playing field.

Please keep visiting the blog over the next week or two, as Albert and John have much more photos and stories to share about their travels. It is still not too late to subscribe via email on the right hand side of the page.

Tomorrow, being the last day, can by no means be underestimated as it is still quite a way away from the finish on Diemersfontein. Here is the last profile:

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