The Mariazell High School

Off the trail in SA, one finds many hidden examples of excellence. There are people working and living in ways that, should we take the time to learn from them and replicate them on a larger scale, could make our country a far better place.

One of these “centres” of excellence is to be found on the Freedom Trail as it winds its way through the Transkei region, and goes by the name of the Mariazell High School. With few physical resources, serving a very poor part of the country, this school achieves results that many better-resourced city schools would envy. Its matric pass rate is near 100%, with matric exemptions around 56%, and there’s no soft option called “Maths Litt.”  One will often see educators and learners frequenting the school over weekends for extra tuition, such is the work ethic.

This school has become the target for the Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund, which undertakes to sponsor the Grade 10-12 phases of the school careers of deserving pupils in the region. A mere R30,000 funds the final 3 years of a pupil’s school career at the mission school, a small cost which can change a person’s life for ever.

John and Albert have decided to throw their weight in behind this worthy cause, and one can sponsor their Freedom Challenge adventure on a per km basis (do your sums. Remember it is 2350kms) or through a flat donation.

Video relating to the Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund

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