Monday, 4 July 2011

Message from the trail

"Over the past 2 days Team FNB has knuckled down to some hard work. After the 16 hour day from Willowmore to Prince Albert on Saturday, we skipped the support station in 'Die Hel' on Sunday, and the skipped Anysberg support station yesterday. The two double stages took 15 hours and 14 hours respectively. This means that we have passed the 2000 km mark, and are set to finish on Thursday if all goes well."

"Team FNB on top of the Baviaanskloof"

"Beautiful views from the Swartbergpass. Long and steep road to get there"

"The Start of our descent into 'Die Hel', The road was really dangerous!"
"Sunday's trip was arguably the toughest of the past 2 days. It involved climbing over the Swartbergpass, and then dropping down into 'Die Hel' for a quick lunch. Thereafter, the challenge was to find "die leer", an old donkey track that takes one up and out of 'Die Hel' at the other end of the valley. Fortunately, the brothers Louis and Anton Kirsten arrived in 'Die Hel' with us, or we' still be looking for 'Die Leer'. Anyhow, climbing die leer involved a good hour long portage up. Very steep slope with bike on back for an hour or so. After that, it was grinding it out to a late night arrival at Ronel and Gerhard's farm of Rouxpos."

"Very cold in 'Die Hel'"

"Starting to climb up the 'Ladder'"

"Old fartie on top of the 'Ladder'"
"Albert taking a break after a long climb to above 'Die Hel'"

"Anton Kirsten showing us how to climb this section"
"Yesterday was all riding. We spent most of the day on the sandy roads through Anysberg nature reserve. After a late lunch at Anysberg support station, we then slogged through to Montagu. The rain started to bucket down, but the spirits were high as we flew down Ouberg pass into the relative luxury of the Montagu country hotel at 21h00."
"When your front derailleur is frozen, there is only one way to get it unfrozen. Thanks John!"

"Some dangerous creatures in the Anysberg Nature Reserve"
John and Albert, Team FNB celebrating the 2000km mark and less than 300km to go

 "Today we head to McGregor and Kasra Support Station"

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  1. Well done boyz!!!!! You've almost complete a near impossible task. Right now, I'm far more impressed than jealous. It looks like you've fought through one helluva tough journey.