The FNB Home Loans Team

The Riders:

Albert Humphries
Albert Humphries is a Regional Sales Manager at FNB Home Loans, and as such spends long working hours searching for somebody to apply for a home loan in the sparsely populated Free State, Northern Cape and sometimes even in the North West. His passion for mountain biking is probably only still intact due to the fact that he hasn’t yet realized that outside of the Free State one gets things called hills and mountains. Albert has a strong sporting pedigree, having played rugby for Adelaars and for the junior Blue Bulls teams. Since he has done the Argus 11 times and several other marathon events he decided to take on a new challenge but only realized after entering the Freedom Challenge that one has to train for THIS event. The idea of taking 25 days leave was at first the real reason for taking on the challenge (lekker 25 days away from work) but then the enthusiasm of the company CEO pushed him to commit and see this challenge through (after all a lot of money has gone into this). Albert is happily married to Annelien with 2 beautiful girls and with another little Blue Bull on his way (unless while he is not at home the friendly neighbor has an influence and convince her it must be a little Cheetah). Albert has been working for FNB for the past 8 years (and maybe this is the reason for his insanity?) and still going strong.

John and his 4 year old boss, Jenna
John Loos is 45 years old, from Johannesburg, and is the FNB Home Loans Property Economist in his spare time. He is, however, known in property circles more for his love of the “greatest rugby team on the planet”, whose home is Loftus in Pretoria, rather than for any knowledge about the property market. He is married to Tracy (hopefully still the case after this long trip), and is the father of 3 children. His started life a ball sport player, including tennis, hockey, squash and golf, but later developed a passion for ultra distance races, which he ascribes to many years of watching (and later finally running) the Comrades Marathon.

The Manager:

Ewald Kellerman is FNB Home Loans Property Analyst, and also goes by the name of Super geek. He is a “student of the game” when it comes to mountain biking, and while spending most of his time in a dark office, is a wealth of knowledge regarding bikes and parts for the 2 ignoramuses that are attempting to ride this crazy race. Ewald will be doing the blogsite communications during the race (definitely his strong point). And, while he has been sold the team manager’s position on the basis that it is an “honour” he has yet to be told that he may be required to hand deliver bike parts to somewhere in the Karoo should “stuff happen”.