Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 11 - Catching up to Stuttgard

Back on track, the riders reached the next support station. "We left Hofmeyer at 4h00 to finish yesterday's section and reached it by 9h30 this morning.". From there, they pushed through to reach Stuttgard, Support Station 11 at 17h00 this afternoon, battling through very strong north westerly winds.

"We have passed the 1000km mark. Morale is so-so. Need another 5 days before Cape Town will start feeling closer."

Albert managed to send through some snaps. Click on them to enlarge:

"A little Springbok, wanting to take us on when we got into the camp"
"At last he reached me after 5min ready to take on the next mountain"
"Yes John, we are on the right track - He can't believe the narratives and gets us lost time and time again"

"The message greeted us crossing Aasvoelberg. Needless to say, we walked"

Tomorrow, another relatively easy day. Only 74km to Support Station at Grootdam, with a climb under 1000m.

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