Monday, 13 June 2011

The night before

John and Albert are staying over in a lodge in Pietermaritzburg in anticipation of the start tomorrow morning before sunrise. They had their final race briefing, and seem psyched to get this show on the road.

"Calling to check if lights are out?" he says sarcastically. In the background I can hear Albert and Paul, another Freedom Challenger, chuckling away at John's attempted sense of humor, "Ready to go". Ten minutes later, I get a SMS from the usually talkative John to update the blog: "Maps on. Bike Loaded. Race briefing. Short ride from Aintree Lodge to City Hall for 6h00 start" with some MMS pictures. 

Paul Erasmus, John Loos and Albert Humphries. Note the smiles.

Tomorrow morning's section climbs gradually from PMZ, ascending almost 1500m over the first 50km to the first way-point, Minerva.

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