Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 9 - Kranzkop to Romansfontein

Albert managed to get hold of me during the day. He was standing on top of a mountain and we managed to squeeze though a couple of words before breaking up again. Cellphone reception is a bit of a luxury at this stage in the race.

We started talking while he was waiting for John, who sped past him mid-conversation and managed to throw a 'howzit' in the direction of the phone. Their spirits seem very high despite some new challenges.

The last two days was very tough with some huge portages. The team decided to start in daylight and only left the support stations around 6h30, facing 8 and 3 portage hours each day respectively. They reached Slaapkranz late, but made yesterday's Kranzkop by 18h00. On Monday it was so cold that Albert's front derailer (mechanism that shifts his front gear) froze and stop working completely. They had to stop and John managed to fix the problem with a tool he had in his kit. For those of you who read the post Day T-4 and counting, it is not what you think.

Carrying a mountain bike loaded with spares and supplies for so long unavoidably took its toll on both Albert and John's ankles and feet. Lucky for them, they are traveling with Keith Scott. He is a medical doctor and managed to doctor some aches and pains with anti-inflammatory medicine he carried with him. Thanks Keith!

I am hoping to get some pictures tomorrow, but we will have to wait for proper cellphone reception to send data over the network.

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