Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 15 - This race is all about people

We expected better signal as the riders approach the Western Cape. Sadly, they are still out of reach.

A good friend of the Team, Paul Erasmus phoned me from the trail last night. He got news from the support crew that Albert and John split up and that John almost got lost in the dark alone. He wanted to check if they were okay.

Paul Erasmus on the 2010 Ride to Rhodes

Paul started with the FNB Home Loans team, but left them around day three, carrying his bike up a mountain. Since then he has been making ground at a phenomenal pace. He spent four tough days alone on the road. Saturday and Sunday, he managed a 19 and 17 hour shift respectively with Martin Dreyer and John Croasdale. His current position is 8th, with only a handful of big names in front of him. Well done Paul, and good luck with the next couple of days.

Steve Burnett, a previous Freedom Challenger sent me this photo. It does not need any explanation.

Steve Burnett, Freedom Challenge 2008
This picture really captures what the Freedom Challenge is all about. Note the FNB logo on the water bottles. If it has not won a 2008 picture of the year award, I call dibs for this year. (Click to enlarge)

The FNB Home Loans Team travelled from Toekomst to Bucklands today, and will tackle the final section of the Karoo to Hadley tomorrow. Here are the profiles:

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  1. think they might go past hadley..(it's an intermediate stop)..to get to cambria.

    cell signal is a bit elusive down in the baviaanskloof, (but judging from problems, it looks like they must be on the elusive mtn already).

    things should speed up from willowmore, body willing