Friday, 10 June 2011

Day T-4 and counting (in “NASA speak”)

Did the final pack and kit check this morning. There’ll be about 5.5kg on the seat post carrier, 2.5kg of food and high-usage stuff on the front handlebar bag, and about 10kg on the back. But 5kg of the backpack will be drinks, so I figure I can reduce the backpack weight to 5kg about 1 hour after the start in the morning if I drink everything fast (See the “kit list” on the blogsite). 

Got a new hot race tip this morning. Often, if one’s chain and cogs get wet high in the berg they can freeze up if a bike stands idle for long enough. The solution is to urinate on them and then quickly get cycling. Hope the ladies in the race have practiced their technique.

Heading for Durbs this afternoon for a last weekend of fun in the sun with the family, and will still be able to witness see the Bulls beat the Stormers at the Station Master’s Arms before heading off. Thanks to Jan Kleynhans, our long suffering FNB Home Loans CEO, for sponsoring Albert’s and my race (enjoy your break from me, Jan), Riana and marketing team for the clothing and FNB branding, Ewald for setting up this blogsite and for all he is still going to do as the team manager, and all our friends for the encouragement and wishes. Hope we’ll provide you all with some entertainment on this blogsite over the next few weeks.

And remember:

“If things feel like they’re under control, you’re just not going fast enough”
Mario Andretti

- John Loos

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